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Every parent sincerely wants to give their children the best possible start in life. The problem is that the parenting journey is often challenging and confusing. Commonly, parents have difficulty knowing what their correct approach should be. Does my child need more love or more limits? Is this behavior a sign of distress or normal childhood interaction and reaction? And so, parents tend to doubt themselves, which then undermines their position of authority.

In the Chanoch Lnaar Parenting Program every parenting dilemma is addressed. Clear guidelines for the normal age-appropriate expectations are laid out. Strategies and perspectives are offered that clear any internal conflict you may have to help you parent with confidence and certainty. A powerful and effective discipline program gives parents a systematic way of responding to misbehavior. And most of all, the Chanoch Lnaar Parenting Program brings the joy and success back into the parenting experience.

Be a part of a group of hundreds of committed mothers and be supported along one of the most significant life journeys you will ever take.

Program benefits:

A comprehensive, step-by-step program that addresses every parenting topic and concern. Practical tools to raise emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually healthy and balanced children. Enjoy support along your parenting journey which will make the often challenging task of raising children a true joy and success.

Recommended for:

Parents of children aged 2 to adult who are seeking quality information that is given over in a clear and systematic style and that truly works. Also suitable for educators, mentors and therapists guiding children of all ages and stages.

Program Details and Features:

  • Main Program: A self-study package that includes 3 MP3 discs and a detailed handbook. The discs include 38 pre-recorded sessions, 20 bonus topics and separate tracks for each class with common questions Dina has gotten and answered over the years.
  • Phone/Online Access: Option for phone line or online access to all classes and features. All listening options contain the identical information.  The method of listening is up to each participant, based on their own preference.
  • Chavrusah Program: Should you like extra support during this program, our staff can set you up with a chavrusah (pending avalability).
  • Mailing: Upon receiving registration, your MP3 discs and handbook will be shipped to you free of charge, within approximately 2 weeks.

Program Package Fee: $279

Program begins: Any Time! This is a comprehensive self-study parenting program.

All recordings, via phone and web access are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase.

Listen to class excerpts below:

Topics covered in program include:

  • How to meet children’s emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs.
  • Understanding misbehavior, effective discipline and consequences
  • Gaining cooperation
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Morning and bedtime routines
  • How to get children to respect you – Kibbud Av Va’em
  • Dealing with tantrums and emotional meltdowns of all ages
  • Toilet training and training children to sleep through the night
  • Helping kids become self sufficient and independent
  • Problem solving
  • Recognizing and dealing with special needs
  • Self esteem
  • Healing fears, anxiety and OCD
  • Dealing with impulsivity
  • Conveying values effectively
  • Creating a positive and safe environment
  • Trust and dealing with lying and stealing
  • Preparing kids for school
  • Protecting kids from abuse/molestation and healing
  • Helping teens get through the years of puberty – tzniyus and kedusha
  • Practical techniques for creating a positive and lasting relationship with your child/teen
  • And much more

Questions About the Parenting Program?

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    Learn easy ways to improve the quality of your life.