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A Personal Introduction.

Hi and welcome to the Dina Friedman Academy. It’s a true honor for me to have you visit today as I share with you a little about myself and my vision for the Academy and how it can impact you.


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What Participants Say

How real people were educated, inspired, and transformed with Dina Friedman


"I joined the program while in shidduchim, and marrying someone from my country, (I'm European), was one thing that I wanted that just didn't seem possible. After following all the steps in the program, I was redt to my now-husband, who is everything I ever davened for - and European! Thank you, Dina! Thank you for showing me how to turn my dreams into reality."


"After having suffered from second infertility for many years, I decided to take the Power Series. The program was life-transforming and I have gained so much!  It helped me align with my dream and clear my blockages. I'm due soon iy'H, and I am so grateful to you Dina for helping me discover the path to manifesting my deepest desire!"


"Before I took this course, I was crammed with my family in a three-bedroom apartment and was desperately looking to buy a house - a process we'd started over 15 years ago. The Power Series helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and blocks to abundance. We're now living in our new, spacious home, and couldn't be happier! Thank you, Dina!"


"My life really took a turn after taking the Power Series. Dina Friedman really helped me find my sense of purpose and direction. I was able to launch a successful business and I feel confident in my ability to face challenges that come up."


"The Power Series changed my life. Dina talks about the principles of manifestation in the most down-to-earth way, and she guides you through abstract concepts with concrete exercises. I was really able to incorporate the lessons I’ve learned and transform many areas of my life with my new tools."


My home has become a more loving and spiritual place to be. There is a lot less friction and fighting, and so much more understanding between us. I cannot overemphasize how rewarding this course has been, and how it has changed my life. I highly recommend that every mother grab the opportunity to take this course, as it is a true gift that you and your children will benefit from for years to come!


Over the past 2 years, my life and the lives of my ten children have been completely transformed, redefined, and reinvented by taking Chanoch L’naar. The manner in which Dina guides and accompanies us through our own personal parenting journey is truly remarkable. She shares her own experiences with us as an equal, with all the candor and camaraderie of an older sister over a warm cup of coffee. Her parenting methodology is well thought-out and easily understood. Since taking the course, my life will never be the same!


Chicago, IL
I have tried other chinuch programs, but Chanoch L’naar is the most comprehensive of them all. Dina presents the issues as though she has been standing in my kitchen! Her explanations are clear, using step-by-step guidance. I took this course when my oldest was 5, and now that he is becoming a teen, I see how I really know how to handle what comes my way, thanks to this program.


Los Angeles, CA
I took Chanoch L’naar 5 years ago, and looking back I see how much it changed me, and transformed my home. The biggest advantage was the confidence I got in my parenting. I can stay calm in every situation, no matter the challenge, because I have so many different ideas and techniques to deal with what comes up. Thank you Dina!


Lakewood, NJ
The Chanoch L’naar program not only exceeded my expectations, it changed me as a Jewish woman, mother and wife. It provided me with direction, guidance, information, awareness of myself, and has enriched my life in a way that can only be described as life-altering!


Cleveland, OH
I find that I’m constantly drawing from the vast amount of knowledge that I’ve gained over this amazing year. Whether it’s the way I’m dealing with a child going through a stage, or the way I can now connect with Hashem, these methods have enhanced my everyday life. Thank you Dina! Looking forward to taking your other courses!


When I started Mastery, I was skeptical that anything could help my marriage. We had already been in private marriage counseling for years. Following the practical guidance in the marriage section has completely turned our marriage around. Now, my marriage has become a relationship where I can trust and respect my husband and feel so supported by him. I wish that everyone would know the power that this program holds to bring light and joy into their relationships.


Miami, FL
The Mastery program has helped me clarify my goals and mission in life and stay focused on them. It has helped balance me through the challenges this year, whereas in the past I would have been totally thrown off. I feel I can come to H-shem this Rosh Hashana and say-this year I have made real changes.


Passaic, N.J
I come from a strong, supportive background and my life was going well, so wasn’t sure that the Mastery program was right for me. Now, looking back at my year of growth, I truly see how the perspectives and hashkafos that I was introduced to, and the techniques that I was empowered to try, brought new meaning and fulfillment to my life. For this I am forever grateful.


Lakewood, NJ
Dina has a way of getting such inspiring information to you in a realistic and very interesting style. My life is so much richer and happier now. I am full of love for myself, my children, my spouse, and yes, even my nasty neighbor. I have gained so much that I would do it again and again and again.