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Generations in Harmony

Maintaining healthy parent-child relationships beyond the chuppah

As a loving parent one of the greatest joys in life is to watch your children grow up and get married. But when a child leaves home for marriage, it can be a bittersweet time. Not only is your family unit changing – your relationship with your child changes too. Generations in Harmony addresses the topic of parenting marrieds from every angle.

As a young married, getting married is exciting, but also fraught with lots of change. During the first few years of marriage, your focus is on building a new family and adapting to the many demands of married life. Generations in Harmony will support you in understanding the changes you are going through, while keeping your connection with your family of origin healthy and strong.

This program addresses both parents and young marrieds.

You will learn how to:

For Parents:

  • Create and maintain a loving relationship with your married child
  • Understand the parent/child dynamic shift
  • What to teach your child before marriage to preempt common pitfalls
  • Recognize the typical challenges that many parents deal with
  • Learn when to intervene and when not to – and how to do it effectively
  • Identify red flag situations and what to do about them
  • Feel at peace even in situations that are less than ideal





For Young Marrieds:

  • Create and maintain a loving relationship with your parents and in-laws after marriage
  • Understand the child/parent dynamic shift and how to process those changes
  • Strategically preempt many common pitfalls and relationship challenges with parents and in-laws
  • Recognize the challenges that are normal, when to take actions and how to do so effectively
  • Effectively protect your marriage boundaries with respect and sensitivity
  • Recognize red flag situations within your marriage and when and how to include parents
  • Come to peace with situations that are less than ideal and don’t seem to have a solution

Recommended For:

Parents marrying off children or parents who are parenting marrieds who care about maintaining a harmonious relationship with their married children.
Young marrieds in the first few years of marriage who seek to be supported in the transition through marriage and want a loving relationship with their parents or in-laws.

Listen to an excerpt:


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What's Included?

  • 10 classes, each about one hour long, available by phone or online (audio).
  • Frequently asked questions following each class.
  • Pdf program handbook
  • All recordings via phone and online access are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase
  • Listen on a schedule that works for you! All classes are pre-recorded for your convenience.
Physical package contains:
  • A USB of the full program
  • A handbook
  • Instructions for phone and online access

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P.K. Montreal

I learned what was realistic to expect with a daughter-in-law and what I can do to allow a loving relationship to naturally emerge. My daughter-in-law, who had not previously opened up to me, began confiding in me once I learnt the tools on Generations in Harmony

Y.W. Monsey, NY

My desire to spoil my couple and welcome them into the family caused a sense of entitlement and I didn’t know how to break the cycle.  The Generations in Harmony program taught me how to be true to myself without hurting our relationship. Now I know how to speak to them in an authentic and loving way and the relationship dynamics is so much simpler!

N.B. Lakewood, NJ

I’m married for a few years, and Generations in Harmony has been so enlightening and validating for me.  It put words to all the changes that I went thru when getting married, and helped me understand what was so overwhelming about the experience.