About Our Coaches

Each of our coaches offers a free 30 minute complimentary session, where you have the chance to experience the power of this work, and see if this coach is right for you.

Please do note that once you have hired a coach, you cannot work with another coach simultaneously.

Aidy Blumenfeld

Certified mastery life coach Aidy Blumenfeld is passionate about life and is dedicated to expanding human awareness and potential. Gifted with an enthusiastic, upbeat nature and an incredible sense of warmth and creativity, Aidy uses her deep understanding of personal development, taking individuals of all ages from darkness to expansion and light, from confusion to clarity and purpose, and from distress-fear to empowerment. She is extremely successful at inspiring her clients to tap into their hidden light and inner strength, enabling them to illuminate their true authentic magnificence. A student of Dr. J. Demartini, Rebbetzin Tehilla Abramov, Rabbi Shmuel Neiman and Dina Friedman, Aidy looks forward to sharing quality proven transformational tools and long-lasting life changing techniques as she guides others on the uplifting road to a beautiful and blissful tomorrow.

Aidy can be reached at 845-537-6261.

Chany Felberbaum

Hi, I’m Chany Felberbaum and I’d like to introduce you to my Rapid Recovery Plan.

If you are carrying around pain over a dysfunctional childhood, abuse, a divorce, loss of a pregnancy, loss of a loved one, child off the derech, etc. I can help you finally free yourself from your pain. Some of the cutting edge techniques I use to facilitate rapid and lasting healing are:

- The Demartini Method: This powerful method guarantees results.

- The Peace Process TM: Start experiencing relief in our first session.

- Muscle testing and Energy Healing: Uncover and heal subconscious trapped energies.

Surprise bonus! You might just get rid of your chronic physical pain in the process!

Call today for a free, twenty-five minute consultation where we will explore if you are the right candidate for this life transforming work.

I can be reached at 845-352- 4875 or by email at [email protected]

I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to help you reclaim your life.

Rivky Friedman

Rivky Friedman is a certified Mastery coach. She lives with her husband and five kids in Quebec Canada.

Rivky is really passionate to help you discover through practical and Powerful techniques and processes to discover the light and joy available to you and create a brighter tomorrow by taking your challenges and turning it into a stepping stone to ultimately transform your emotional well-being, your marriage and all areas of your life to match your true innermost desire.

Rivky has been extremely helpful in guiding people successfully to transform their life and experience true inner peace and joy, and gain tools and information to help them achieve their goal.

Rivky offers a free complimentary introductory session. Looking forward to speaking to you personally.

Phone: 450-420-1272 or 1-866-491-3544

Chany Leichtag

Chany Leichtag is a certified mastery coach and a trained Imago facilitator, who lives with her family in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. Chany is dedicated to supporting and coaching young women who wish to experience transformation in marriage and in all areas of life. She will lovingly guide them to a place where a challenge becomes a thrill as they discover the beauty of Divine order, thus empowering them to live the life of there dreams!

Chany can be reached at 347-742-1169

Estie Mannes

Estie Mannes is a certified Life coach and has successfully inspired many students and clients for the past 30 years. She is passionate about empowering her clients to tap into their inner strengths and transform their life journey. Additionally, she has created a social, emotional and behavioral skill program which she teaches in school settings and privately. She works with teachers, parents, children, teens and singles and lives with her husband and children in Brooklyn NY.

Esty can be reached at 718-436-0924 or [email protected]

Faigy Weiss

Hi, my name is Faigy Weiss

I have been trained by 2 very dear teachers:  Dr. Denise A. Nadler – DeMartini Method Facilitating – 2012/2013 and our all beloved Dina Friedman – Mastery Coaching – 2016/2017. Over the years I’ve been facilitating for the DeMartini Breakthrough Experience, DeMartini group transformation, Dina Friedman’s Mastery Program, as well as in my own private practice.

Through my work I’ve been privy to support countless women as they reconstruct their lives from the bottom up and go on to create their dreams; be it – in finances, marriage and other relationships, clearing trauma and abuse, mental and emotional healing, successfully weaning off medication,  creating identity, self-reliance, confidence in decision making, or – finding balance in ‘  Avodas Hashem , spiritual conflict, struggle with food, and more.    I am most passionate about helping others Discover  and  Create Light, Beauty, & Joy from darkness, pain, & despair! I’m in the process of developing a unique and gentle approach to understanding and finding balance in physical attachment & addictive patterns.

If you are as inspired, as I am, to witness the miracle of your own recreation, if any part of my presentation has made you feel connected, or if you’d just like to say hi, I’d love to hear from you! Reach me at 347-585-1218.

Tova Scharf

“It’s my intention to provide you with maximum service in minimum time, as I strongly believe and trust in the power of human capability and its magnificence. I’m excited and passionate about sharing personal development skills, tools and techniques that will ensure deep and lasting results,” says Tova Scharf, certified Mastery coach, Adlerian professional coach and trained Demartini method facilitator.

Tova has a deep and sincere desire to facilitate growth and healing in women and young adults, in order to enable them to lead and enjoy an inspired quality of life. Through her work, Tova has come to touch many women and girls from all walks of life, successfully taking them through the transformational journey of self-empowerment and success, impacting their lives forever.

With Tova’s firm commitment of acquiring ever greater levels of knowledge and self- expansion, she is looking forward to guiding others along the path to self-discovery and empowerment.

Tova can be reached at 347-526-5680.