About Our Coaches

Each of our coaches offers a free complimentary consultation for up to 30 minutes, where you have the chance to experience the power of this work and see if this coach is right for you.

Please do note that once you have hired a coach, you cannot work with another coach simultaneously.

Deena Ausfresser

As a Parenting/Life Coach, I will meet you wherever you are in your story, wherever your children are in theirs. Together we will tap into your inner wisdom and strength to bring you to a place of empowerment and wellbeing, so you can respond calmly and confidently in every situation.

I am a Certified Trainer of the Nurtured Heart Approach®, a Regesh Hotline Volunteer, and a Mother of Six (ages 4-20). I offer practical and powerful tools to nurture parent/child relationships while building your children’s self-esteem and helping them make positive choices.

In my role as a Mastery Life Coach, I can guide you to find and heal any mistaken beliefs, past experiences, triggers or fears that are blocking you from being present, open-hearted and powerful in your parenting.  You can experience motherhood as a source of joy, fulfillment and spiritual connection!

This ‘journey to possibility’ begins as a gift to your children and surprises you by being the most loving thing you’ve ever done for yourself.

Deena can be contacted for support with any Mastery topic and relationships, not limited to parenting: (848) 525-7456 or growingreatness@gmail.com.

Sori Berkowitz

Sori Berkowitz is the founder of The DMC Center for Demartini & Mastery Coaching. From her extensive experience as a Life Coach solely dedicated to her client’s well being, she has created a unique program where she combines:

  • The Demartini Method – designed to resolve relationship conflicts and bring one to a state of true inner peace.
  • The Mastery Coaching – dedicated to gaining mastery of one’s mind and emotions, empowerment in all areas of life, and achieve ones goals dreams.

The results are a synergy that bring positive and permanent change to unhealthy and challenged relationships, in addition to moving forward to a place of self empowerment and self respect, all the while experiencing the loving guidance of Hashem.

Whether it’s loving a child more, letting go of past hurt & resentments, empowerment towards a beautiful marriage – her clients have experienced unusual and miraculous yeshuos in an incredibly short period of time.

“I look forward to customizing my program to your unique life’s journey & celebrating your successes with you.”

Sori is a Trained Demartini Facilitator by the Demartini Institute, and Certified Mastery Coach by Dina Friedman.

To schedule a consultation or book an appointment, please call Sori at 908-910-0654.

Yael Bertram

Yael’s warm and genuine personality, life experience, and innate wisdom, make her a dynamic and effective coach. She is passionate about helping women of all ages in manifesting their desires, and in navigating their life’s challenges in the most transcendent ways.

Yael specializes in helping people get in touch with their highest levels of self-esteem by guiding them through the process of challenging long-standing beliefs about themselves, and ingraining new empowering ways of viewing who they are.

She has also experienced a lot of success in guiding people through deep healing exercises to help them truly heal from past traumas and negative experiences that have been adversely affecting their current lives.

Feel free to enjoy Yael’s innovative and inspiring classes on Torah Anytime. Her popular Tea&Tehillim classes are enjoyable to listen to, and include excellent practical life tools that you can start using to enhance your life today!

To learn more about Yael’s coaching, classes, and speaking engagements, visit her website www.yaelbertram.com.

Contact Yael for your free phone consult at (917) 757-7358, or yaelbertram@gmail.com.

Sara Deutsch


I am Sara B. Deutsch. I grew up the youngest of 4 children, deliciously spoiled- thinking life was “a walk in the park”. And it was, until I got married and had many kids, then other life challenges came my way.

I often wondered; “What happened to the joy of my youth?” Then I figured if I worked very “hard” I would succeed, but I soon became angry and resentful. I was working so hard but was unable to achieve the results I so desired and I couldn’t figure out why. That is until I discovered through Dina – “tools”. I learned a variety of amazing tools on how to:

Deal with my daily emotions, successfully navigate life’s hardest challenges, specific processes to achieve my inner most desires, and mostly to heal pain and feel deep joy in life.

I feel rewarded knowing that the benefits I have gained from this program have not only made a beautiful impact in my personal life but to the lives of those around me as well.

Do you desire to be at a wonderful place but don’t know how to get there? Are you stuck? As a Certified Life Coach by Dina Friedman I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your journey.

I can be reached at 347-385-7737 or Coachsara35@gmail.com.

Shani Farkas

Shani Farkas is a Certified Mastery Coach. She lives in Woodmere, NY with her husband and six children. Her work combines a unique and balanced approach that is gentle, yet powerful. Her goal is to give you your greatest self. She is passionate about empowering women and young adults to tap into their unique energy and discover their inner strengths and confidence. She is compassionate and supportive as she empowers her clients on their journey through healing and meaningful personal growth.

Her work is goal oriented and focused, to empower you with the tools you need to effect powerful change, gain clarity and manifest your desires to live your most inspired life.

Shani can be reached at 516-399-0120 or via email at shanifarkas@gmail.com.

Rivky Gardner

Join me for an amazing journey!

Years ago, as I set out as an idealistic newlywed into the uncharted territory called marriage, I thought I knew what it would take to be the “perfect” wife and create the “perfect” marriage. Well, I was in for a surprise; it was a bumpy ride!

Now, after over 15 years of research, experimenting and growth, I am passionate about teaching, coaching and supporting women to enable them to create the marriage of their dreams.

As a Mastery Life Coach, I do individual marriage coaching and run support groups for married women. I share knowledge and tools of how to heal your resentments, open up to your desires in the marriage and reclaim your power by being true to yourself at the same time as feeling closely connected to your husband.

With the incredibly powerful tools and skills I have learned, I have seen remarkable transformation in my own marriage and in the marriages of the women with whom I work. I look forward to holding you and your story with love and understanding as we journey
together. Looking forward to hearing from you! I can be reached at (216)926-9036.

Chaya Hyman

Chaya Hyman is a certified Mastery life coach whose passion is helping people work through their blocks to be “FREE to live fully,” with a sense of meaning, purpose, and joy. Her expertise is emotional healing, anxiety, depression, poor regulation, attentional issues, and difficulties with organization, following through, and managing daily living skills (executive function). Chaya uses an integrative approach drawing extensively from her experience as an Occupational Therapist for over 20 years. She utilizes body-based interventions (cranial sacral, reflex integration) when a client feels stuck and unable to implement cognitive techniques. This enables the body to become calm and centered, and then the individual is empowered to achieve goals/ desires, using powerful Mastery coaching techniques. As a parent coach, Chaya combines the Chanoch L’Naar Program with her clinical expertise in development and addresses the WHOLE picture in coaching parents to help their child/teenager develop their full potential.

Chaya can be reached at 347-204-6318 or chaya.hyman@gmail.com


Yitty Klein

Yitty Klein is a Mastery Coach and Certified Health Coach. She is passionate about helping women empower themselves and live life with equanimity, joy and true fulfillment. With her vast amount of knowledge, tools and techniques, she has facilitated healing for many women and helped her clients manifest their desires.

Yitty is completely devoted to helping her clients achieve their individual and unique goals, be it heal from past challenges and traumas, OCD and anxiety, loss and fears, or clear resentments and disempowering beliefs. In that capacity, she has helped clients gain emotional independence, self-love and acceptance and get in touch with their own inner wisdom.

Yitty specializes in helping women achieve positive self-image and lose weight. She combines her knowledge and experience as a health coach with the tools she’s learned from Dina to effectively bring complete and lasting results to women. She works by thoroughly healing underlying issues, negative beliefs and habits that obstruct the path to joy and success, and by helping her clients manifest the lifestyle they want.

It is her intention to help her clients live with inner peace and joy every single day. You can reach her at 845-659-2103 for inquiries about private or group coaching.

Esther Yenty Noe

My goal is to help every woman feel empowered, fulfilled, safe, cherished and loved -- in her marriage and her life.

In my professional life and through my own journey as a wife, mother and grandmother, I have gathered (and continue to gather) wisdom, skills and techniques from a wide variety of sources. With this reservoir of knowledge and experience, I have coached women as individuals and in groups for years, even before my certification from Dina Friedman.

One of my specialties is marriage and intimacy counseling -- rekindling the connection between wives and their husbands even after years of neglect, frustration and resentment. I have seen many wilted marriages blossom through the use of simple but powerful tools.

You don't have to settle for loneliness or rejection. There are gentle steps that you can take to create a safe haven of love, acceptance and passion in your home. Discover the freedom to be yourself, expand yourself and realize your true potential. I am here to help you, be"H!

My individual work and marriage support groups take place in Monsey, NY. If you think either one could be a good option for you, or if you would prefer phone sessions from wherever you are located, I can be reached at 845-709-4108.

Sara Perlowitz

My name is Sara, and my greatest passion in life is to help people live their lives at the highest quality, with joy and tranquility. I have B”eH successfully worked with many people to realize that dream.

You get one chance to live your life and you want it to be the very best it can be. Using practical, life altering tools and processes, I can guide you in tapping into your tremendous inherent power and resources – with love, support and gentleness.

I am a certified Mastery life coach who has extensive experience in helping people raise the quality of their lives beyond their highest expectations. My specialty is in helping people heal from anxiety, depression and past wounds to build a beautiful future. I utilize powerful processes including The Emotional and Physical Journey by Brandon Bays, The Work of Byron Katie, and the Demartini method.

I would be happy to work with you either in person or by phone appointment. You can reach me on my confidential phone line at 347-221-0287

Rivka Leah Shmedra

When my life was transformed by the mastery tools I knew instantly that this was my calling. As a mastery life coach and guided imagery practitioner, my deepest joy is to help people live an extraordinary life. Whether you want to be free of past pain, discover your own unique strengths and passions or create for yourself an awesome future, it would be a true honor for me to help you meet your goals. Join me to create the life of your dreams.

I coach by phone or in person at my office in Bet Shemesh.

I speak Hebrew, Yiddish and English.

I can be reached on 972- 504172849 (Israel)

Sari Verschleiser

Sari’s unique blend of depth, gentleness, and down-to-earth personality puts her clients at ease and gives them the skills and confidence to reach their goal. She empowers women to find fulfillment, passion, and true meaning in “the daily grind” of life. Sari teaches her clients to use their challenges as springboards for growth, and to live life truly inspired.

Sari is a successful wife and mother to a large family, bli ayin hara. She synchronizes her life experience and her life coach skills to lead her clients to heights, happiness, and success they never dreamed attainable. Sari has a broad base of delighted clients of all ages, ranging from High School grads through parents. One of Sari’s specialties is career consulting. He clients have never worked a day in their lives, because Sari helped them realize their inner selves and talents, and they’ve entered careers they enjoy. Sari makes it her mission to help you discover your unique personality, channel your innate strengths, and put you in touch with your highest values. She will work together with you to place you on the path to a long-term career that you will succeed in because you are great at it, and stick with because you love it. Allow her to broaden your prospects and not limit your choices to those that your older sister or neighbor made.

Reach out to Sari today for a pressure-free consult.

P: 917-375-9404 E: Sariv.123@gmail.com.

Daniella Wieder

Hi, I’m Daniella and I am passionate about helping women live their lives on purpose.

If you are looking to create family harmony by becoming an empowered wife or a more conscious parent, I am here for you.

If your desire is to create a more authentic and meaningful relationship with Hashem or to actualize your true self, I would be honored to support your journey.

I intend to combine my training as a clinical social worker with my life coaching skills to empower you to create transformation in your life.

I’d love to see you radiate fulfillment and living your dream.

I invite you to reach out for a complementary session and I look forward to connecting with you.

I can be reached at (516)314-4250 or by email at Daniella.Wieder@gmail.com.

Aidy Blumenfeld

Certified life coach Aidy Blumenfeld is passionate about life and is dedicated to expanding human awareness and potential. Gifted with an enthusiastic, upbeat nature and an incredible sense of warmth and creativity, Aidy uses her deep understanding of personal development, taking Jewish women around the world from darkness to expansion and light, from confusion to clarity and purpose, and from helplessness-fear to empowerment. She is extremely successful at inspiring her clients to tap into their hidden light and inner strength, enabling them to confidently move forward in all areas of life, through exposing their innate capabilities. Thus experiencing the gift of life with greater levels of joy, certainty, connection and fulfillment. A committed and inspired student of life and a Mastery coach intensely trained by today’s leading edge experts in the field of spirituality and emotional-psychology, Aidy looks forward to sharing quality-proven transformational tools and long-lasting life changing techniques as she guides others on the uplifting road to a beautiful and blissful tomorrow.

Aidy can be reached at 845.537.6261 or aidyblumenfeld@gmail.com


Ruchama Ely

Ruchama Ely is a renowned, beloved and trusted kallah teacher who has been teaching, guiding and mentoring kallahs and married women for over 20 years. As a trained Mastery Life Coach, she is available to coach you on any marriage related issue with wisdom, understanding, and sensitivity.

Ruchama can be reached at: (347) 786-1303 or RuchamaEly@gmail.com.

Chany Felberbaum

If you could push a button and be free from the emotional trauma that’s running your life, what would that do for you? Most people who have experienced a severe emotional trauma like abuse, a dysfunctional childhood, loss, divorce etc. either sit in therapy for years or resign to a life of struggle and survival. My mission is to help you finally eliminate trauma at the core, so you can be completely free of it and a lifetime of trying different therapies. If you’d like to get my personal support to make it happen, then check out the special “Heal Your Trauma Now” Coaching Session I’m offering now for free. During this powerful, one-on-one coaching session, we’ll work together to…

  • Create a crystal-clear vision for your ideal life free from trauma and pain.
  • Identify the gaps between your current reality and your desired life, so we get a clear picture of the journey for getting there.
  • Leave this session renewed, inspired, and ready to finally free yourself from trauma- once and for all.
  • To claim your special “Heal Your Trauma Now” session today, email me at healyourtraumanow@gmail.com or leave me a message at 845-445-8252.

    Please take the time to answer these questions before our session: 1. How long have you been struggling with trauma? 2. On a scale of zero to 10 how important is it for you to heal and be free of trauma once and for all? 3. What have you tried doing in the past to help yourself? 4. What happened with those approaches? 5. What do you see as your biggest challenge right now?

    Warmest regards,


    Ruth Hilu

    Ruth is a masterful coach who is highly sought after and respected in her community as a leader and authority figure in self help.

    With a tremendous amount of life experience under her belt, her constant focus on learning and sharpening new skills, and her keen intuition, Ruth has been seeing great success in her coaching career. She guides her clients towards success in almost any area of their life in a most kind, gentle and nonjudgmental manner.

    Ruth also leads sought after groups where she teaches women to manifest their desires, strengthen their self-esteem, and succeed in their marriages.

    To contact Ruth or for your free phone consult, please email ruthhilu@gmail.com.

    Rivky Klein

    Hi, I’m Rivky Klein, and it's my passion to see your dream marriage become a reality. Are you feeling lonely, unloved, or having unfulfilled intimacy? Do you feel like roommates, a single mom, or having distress in any other area? I will hold you with compassion, understanding and support through your journey of transformation towards true love, safety, freedom, joy and passion. Join me as I empower you with a step‐by‐step, systematic approach to learn new skills and techniques to take your marriage where you want it to be.

    As a certified Mastery coach, I have facilitated many clients B’H to attain success in their marriage goals, permanently. Married for 18 years and with 8 children, I grasp the desperation, the yearning, the need, and I’m committed to carry you to inspiration, anticipation, and actualization.

    Dare to dream... I'll empower you to achieve it Be’H.

    I can be reached at 514‐270‐6937 or at rifkykleinmtl@gmail.com

    Bashi Kohn

    My greatest passion in life is to help women of all ages heal painful stories and relationships in their lives. Using different healing techniques I have helped women reach new understanding and insights into their difficulties, which has led to freedom and forgiveness. Come join me and allow me to gently guide you to achieve peace and serenity on your lifes journey.  I live in Australia, and the best way to contact me is to call at any time and leave a clear message with your name and phone details,  including area code and country.  I will call back as soon as possible.   I can be reached by phone at  61-413-251-734.

    Faigy Weiss

    Hi, my name is Faigy Weiss

    I have been trained by 2 very dear teachers:  Dr. Denise A. Nadler – DeMartini Method Facilitating – 2012/2013 and our all beloved Dina Friedman – Mastery Coaching – 2016/2017. Over the years I’ve been facilitating for the DeMartini Breakthrough Experience, DeMartini group transformation, Dina Friedman’s Mastery Program, as well as in my own private practice.

    Through my work I’ve been privy to support countless women as they reconstruct their lives from the bottom up and go on to create their dreams; be it in finances, marriage and other relationships, clearing trauma and abuse, mental and emotional healing, successfully weaning off medication,  creating identity, self-reliance, confidence in decision making, or finding balance in Avodas Hashem , spiritual conflict, struggle with food, and more.    I am most passionate about helping others Discover  and  Create Light, Beauty, & Joy from darkness, pain, & despair! I’m in the process of developing a unique and gentle approach to understanding and finding balance in physical attachment & addictive patterns.

    If you are as inspired, as I am, to witness the miracle of your own recreation, if any part of my presentation has made you feel connected, or if you’d just like to say hi, I’d love to hear from you! Reach me at 347-585-1218.

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