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Powerseries Recordings 2023


Participants of the Powerseries Basic program 2023 can order the recordings here.  The recordings include the classes, live demonstrations, and Q&A that followed each class, as well as the guided imageries that were on the program.

  • Recordings are available as an online digital download only.  You will need to download the recordings in order to keep them, and you will need to have online access in order to download them.
  • Recordings will be audio only.
  • Recordings are available to participants of the Powerseries 2023 program only.
  • Once you order, please look out for an email after Sept 10th for how to access your recordings   Please make sure to follow the instructions once you receive the email for how to download, as they will only be available to download for a limited amount of time after September 10th.
  • We will only be taking orders for these recordings until August 28th 2023. 
  • Important note:  If you are a Gold Plan member, you will automatically receive an email with instructions for accessing the Powerseries recordings after September 10th.  Please be sure to follow the email instructions for how to download  the recordings so you have them to keep.  You do not need to purchase them here, as your membership includes complimentary recordings of the Powerseries program.