Generations in Harmony Recordings


Participants of the Generations in Harmony program can order the recordings here.  The recordings include the classes as well as the Q&A that followed each class.

  • Recordings are available as an online digital download only. You will need online access in order to download the recordings.
  • Recordings will be audio only, and will need to be downloaded onto a computer or any listening device in order to access them.
  • Recordings are available to participants of the Generations in Harmony program only.
  • Once you order, please look out for an email after January 30th for instructions to access and download the recordings. Please make sure to follow the instructions so that you download your recordings and enjoy them in a timely manner.
  • Please note: We will only be taking orders for these recordings until January 25th. After that time we will be processing the orders, so please be sure to place your order no later than January 25th. 
  • The notes that are included in the program will come on a separate email to all those who joined the program. Please look out for the email in February for instructions to access the notes of the program.