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Yitty Klein

Yitty Klein is a Mastery Life Coach and ACE Certified Health Coach. She is passionate about helping women feel at peace with themselves and live life with equanimity, joy and true fulfillment. With her intuition, vast amount of knowledge, and wide range of tools and techniques, she has facilitated healing for many women.

Yitty is committed to helping her clients achieve their unique goals, be it heal from past challenges, work on OCD and anxiety, or repair unhealthy relationships.

Over the years Yitty has helped many clients gain inner strength, emotional independence, and self-acceptance. She sees every client as a unique individual and helps them get in touch with their inner wisdom. Her goal is to help her clients get to a place where they can feel free from the inside out.

As a health coach, Yitty has helped women achieve a positive self-image and a healthy relationship with food, bringing her clients complete and lasting results. She works by thoroughly healing underlying issues, negative beliefs and habits that obstruct the path to joy and success, and by helping her clients manifest the lifestyle they want.

Yitty is the creator of the popular Finding Freedom and Freedom Within programs. You can visit her website,, for more information. She can be reached at 845-999-3732 or for inquiries about private or group coaching.