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Yael Bertram

Yael’s warm and genuine personality, life experience, and innate wisdom, make her a dynamic and effective coach.

Yael uses many powerful processes in helping women transcend a myriad of challenges. She helps them emerge from their anxiety, depression, parenting struggles, and dating and marital challenges- and step into much happier, more successful lives. Yael is an expert at using the coaching experience to help women strengthen their self esteem, and learn to fully love and value themselves.

To get a feel for her style, feel free to enjoy Yael’s innovative and inspiring classes on Torah Anytime. They are enjoyable to listen to, and include excellent practical life tools that you can start using to enhance your life today!

To learn more about Yael’s coaching, classes, and speaking engagements, visit her website,

Contact Yael for a free phone consult at (516)531-3610.