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Surie Pollak

Hi there and welcome!  It’s my pleasure to introduce myself to you and share the many years of inner work I’ve mastered.

I’ve experienced the joy in overcoming overwhelm and seeing Hashem show up in my life real-time. It’s a feeling of complete reliance and trust in Him while being in calm energy. The kind that takes my breath away and puts me on a spiritual high.  It’s what makes me so passionate to be a Mastery Life Coach!  I’ve got powerful tools that help me prepare for and approach life as I live it.  And I’d love to share all that with you.  I now guide my clients in moving forward and living their best life possible. Although “you can’t go back and change the beginning, you can start where you are and change the ending.”

I’m thrilled to help women put their best self forward – to manifest their deepest and daily desires, clear fears, challenge beliefs, and ultimately become emotionally independent.

Yes, there’s anxiety, childhood pain and traumas.  Believe you can reparent yourself and bring your relationships to a better place.  Live the best life you can!

I would love to share the most awesome tools with you- the real secret to successful well-being.  Let’s talk. I’d love to connect.

You can reach me at 845-825-7725 or at