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Sori Berkowitz

Sori Berkowitz is the founder of The DMC Center for Demartini & Mastery Coaching. From her extensive experience as a Life Coach solely dedicated to her client’s well being, she has created a unique program where she combines:

  • The Demartini Method – designed to resolve relationship conflicts and bring one to a state of true inner peace.
  • The Mastery Coaching – dedicated to gaining mastery of one’s mind and emotions, empowerment in all areas of life, and achieve ones goals dreams.

The results are a synergy that bring positive and permanent change to unhealthy and challenged relationships, in addition to moving forward to a place of self empowerment and self respect, all the while experiencing the loving guidance of Hashem.

Whether it’s loving a child more, letting go of past hurt & resentments, empowerment towards a beautiful marriage – her clients have experienced unusual and miraculous yeshuos in an incredibly short period of time.

“I look forward to customizing my program to your unique life’s journey & celebrating your successes with you.”

Sori is a Trained Demartini Facilitator by the Demartini Institute, and Certified Mastery Coach by Dina Friedman.

To schedule a consultation or book an appointment, please call Sori at 908-910-0654.