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Rivky Klein

Hi, I’m Rivky Klein, and it’s my passion to see your dream marriage become a reality. Are you feeling lonely, unloved, or having unfulfilled intimacy? Do you feel like roommates, a single mom, or having distress in any other area? I will hold you with compassion, understanding and support through your journey of transformation towards true love, safety, freedom, joy and passion. Join me as I empower you with a step‐by‐step, systematic approach to learn new skills and techniques to take your marriage where you want it to be.

As a certified Mastery coach, I have facilitated many clients B’H to attain success in their marriage goals, permanently. Married for 18 years and with 8 children, I grasp the desperation, the yearning, the need, and I’m committed to carry you to inspiration, anticipation, and actualization.

Dare to dream… I’ll empower you to achieve it Be’H.

I can be reached at 514‐270‐6937 or at