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Rivkie Krause

Happiness, fulfillment… Seemingly elusive goals with life’s ups and downs, successes and failures, joys and pains. Life can feel stressful and frustrating! Perhaps you feel overwhelmed as you juggle responsibilities and challenges. And in the middle of all the action, YOU are there, in the center, balancing out your own identity, experiences and emotions, and those of others.
I understand that you want to feel satisfied and at peace within yourself and within your roles of motherhood, career and relationships. You want to experience joy and self-worth. You want to be a strong, loving presence for your family. Do you sometimes wish to let go of the shackles holding you back from being and becoming all that’s possible for you and to enjoy the satisfaction of real accomplishments and results?
No matter if you have fears, obstacles or doubts, I truly believe that all is possible for you. Whether your desire is to discover your hidden potential or to heal your past, you can do it! Wherever you may be, you can tap into the rich satisfaction of a life lived fully and passionately. Whether you are on the road to becoming a mother, or you are raising your children, I’m looking
forward to helping you bring your dreams to reality.
I would feel honored to support you through your rewarding journey,
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