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Faigy Weiss

Hi, my name is Faigy Weiss

I have been trained by 2 very dear teachers:  Dr. Denise A. Nadler – DeMartini Method Facilitating – 2012/2013 and our all beloved Dina Friedman – Mastery Coaching – 2016/2017. Over the years I’ve been facilitating for the DeMartini Breakthrough Experience, DeMartini group transformation, Dina Friedman’s Mastery Program, as well as in my own private practice.

Through my work I’ve been privy to support countless women as they reconstruct their lives from the bottom up and go on to create their dreams; be it in finances, marriage and other relationships, clearing trauma and abuse, mental and emotional healing, successfully weaning off medication,  creating identity, self-reliance, confidence in decision making, or finding balance in Avodas Hashem , spiritual conflict, struggle with food, and more.    I am most passionate about helping others Discover  and  Create Light, Beauty, & Joy from darkness, pain, & despair! I’m in the process of developing a unique and gentle approach to understanding and finding balance in physical attachment & addictive patterns.

If you are as inspired, as I am, to witness the miracle of your own recreation, if any part of my presentation has made you feel connected, or if you’d just like to say hi, I’d love to hear from you! Reach me at 347-585-1218.