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Esther Yenty Noe

Esther Yenty Noe

My goal is to help every woman feel empowered, fulfilled, safe, cherished and loved — in her marriage and her life.

In my professional life and through my own journey as a wife, mother and grandmother, I have gathered (and continue to gather) wisdom, skills and techniques from a wide variety of sources. With this reservoir of knowledge and experience, I have coached women as individuals and in groups for years, even before my certification from Dina Friedman.

One of my specialties is marriage and intimacy counseling — rekindling the connection between wives and their husbands even after years of neglect, frustration and resentment. I have seen many wilted marriages blossom through the use of simple but powerful tools.

You don’t have to settle for loneliness or rejection. There are gentle steps that you can take to create a safe haven of love, acceptance and passion in your home. Discover the freedom to be yourself, expand yourself and realize your true potential. I am here to help you, be”H!

My individual work and marriage support groups take place in Monsey, NY. If you think either one could be a good option for you, or if you would prefer phone sessions from wherever you are located, I can be reached at 845-709-4108.