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Deena Ausfresser

Deena Ausfresser

As a Parenting/Life Coach, I will meet you wherever you are in your story, wherever your children are in theirs. Together we will tap into your inner wisdom and strength to bring you to a place of empowerment and wellbeing, so you can respond calmly and confidently in every situation.

I am a Certified Trainer of the Nurtured Heart Approach®, a Regesh Hotline Volunteer, and a Mother of Six (ages 4-20). I offer practical and powerful tools to nurture parent/child relationships while building your children’s self-esteem and helping them make positive choices.

In my role as a Mastery Life Coach, I can guide you to find and heal any mistaken beliefs, past experiences, triggers or fears that are blocking you from being present, open-hearted and powerful in your parenting.  You can experience motherhood as a source of joy, fulfillment and spiritual connection!

This ‘journey to possibility’ begins as a gift to your children and surprises you by being the most loving thing you’ve ever done for yourself.

Deena can be contacted for support with any Mastery topic and relationships, not limited to parenting: (848) 525-7456 or