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Chavi Kestenbaum

My years of experience as a Registered Nurse and Psychotherapist, as well as decades of nurturing relationships as a spouse, mother, mother-in-law and grandmother, have brought both professional and personal excellence to my role as a Certified Mastery coach from the Dina Friedman Academy. My goal is to bring to the session clarity, relief and inner calm in order to manifest your true desires.
I specialize in facilitating communication and harmony in family relationships, specifically:
– Helping newlywed couples to understand the difference between expectations and reality. (How come he doesn’t understand my feelings and even notice I’m hurt?) (Why does she make everything such a big deal?)
– Facilitating young adults to discover their authentic self in order to select the right partner. Guided coaching through the dating experience (Who is really good for me?) (How do I get a second date?)
– Guiding mothers in law and daughters in law through conflict resolution. (Why do I feel so helpless and misunderstood?) (Why isn’t she ever satisfied with me?)
– Strained relationships between parents and adult children. (After all we have done for our children, we feel so betrayed?) (Why can’t our parents just give us some space?)
My personality has been described as personable and nonjudgmental, with a caring, soothing style which creates for my clients a safe space to experience self-acceptance and self-discovery.
With an unconditional love for others, I tend to radiate positivity to people around me. This of course helps my clients tap into and access the inherent love within themselves.
Chavi can be reached by email at