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Blimie Klein


I’m Blimie Klein, passionate about helping women gain fulfillment and harmony in all their relationships.

  • Are your relationships lacking fulfillment and joy?
  • Are you finding yourself entrenched in difficult conflicts?
  • Are you feeling lonely and isolated, thinking no one quite understands you?

As a relationship coach certified by Dina Friedman, I help women attain satisfaction and joy in all their relationships. Through my own journey and helping women maintain healthy relationships, I’ve realized that having a solid relationship with yourself is the core of all relationship issues. I help women establish healthy self-esteem, find meaning and joy in everyday life, and build their confidence towards a strong sense of identity and purpose.

As we work together, I look forward to holding you with compassion and love. I sincerely desire to help you towards your dream life of wholesomeness and peace.

I can be reached at 347-675-5918 or