Become a Dina Friedman Academy Member

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This program is being offered as a three-part series:

Series I addresses mastering emotional and mental wellbeing. It gives you the tools to access love, joy, and success, and how to stay up when life circumstances pull you down.
Series II addresses your spiritual connection and life’s purpose. It gives you new perspectives as well as tools to connect to your life force, vitality, and to live a life of true spiritual fulfillment.
Series III addresses your most meaningful relationship – marriage – offering you powerful paradigms and practical tools, through which you can create the marriage of your dreams.
You can purchase each of the Mastery Series individually, or purchase the complete program at a discounted price.

The Mastery program teaches you a way of being that is guaranteed to transform every area of your life in unimaginable ways. We at the Dina Friedman Academy can’t wait to be a partner with you in your personal transformation.

Listen to an overview of the Mastery Series

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Learn more about Program and Registration details:

Call our demo line at 718-285-3970